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About Us
10.2 millions of (e)bike frame out of a true passion!
Stemmed from Taiwanese artisanship, Aprove is an (e)bike manufacturer who defies the consensus of “premium product means premium price”.
To ensure an enjoyable ride, we make no compromise on every single frame coming off our production line.
Yet, we offer great values and favorable deals to ensure our clients’ competitive advantage.

Starting 2003, we have produced 9.6 million (e)bike frames and developed 6,921 models, OEM and ODM projects combined.
Our client base spans 26 countries with European mid to high-end ones accounting for 70% of our business – now you know how reliable we are!

We know how much effort it takes to brainstorm, design, engineer and test a concept before you got a decent bike ready for the passionate cyclists, not to mention the difficulty in managing the global supply chain, especially since the Covid-19.

With that in mind, we’ve pushed ourselves to broaden our manufacturing initiative from frame only to fully built (e)bikes.
Given decades of experience working with leading players, we have developed a tight-knit supply chain and one-stop operation to optimize the value for our clients with the shortest possible time-to-market.

Aprove, your ultimate solution to building awesome (e)bikes.