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One – Stop Manufacturing Process


Let’s face it, frame manufacturing is no rocket science, yet is complex enough to cause us some headache! We Aprove is driven resolve it while adding values to global clients.

As one of the very first movers producing ebike frames, we’ve been accumulating our know-how in aluminum frame for almost two decades, and we still progressing toward operational excellence.

To effectively manage the operations, we choose to do everything in-house, minimizing the variations with all the critical processes under transparent control. The tight-knit, nearby supply chain of tube and part enables us great synergy and speed.

From development to mass production, every aspect is seamlessly communicated and every manufacturing process is precisely executed.


  • Tube Bending
  • Tube Hydroforming
  • Tube Cutting
  • Tube Stamping
  • Tube Milling
  • Tube Pickling
  • Braze Welding
  • Spot Welding
  • Front & Rear Triangle Welding
  • Heat Treatment (T4 & T6)
  • H/T & S/T & BB Machining
  • Phosphatizing
  • Base Coating (Liquid & Powder)
  • Surface Coating (Liquid & Powder)
  • Decaling
  • Clear Coating (Liquid & Powder)
  • Assembly (e.g. Full-Sus)
  • Packaging
Step 1: IQC
Step 2: Tube Processing
Step 3: Processed Tube FAI
Step 4: Phosphatizing
Step 5: Braze Welding
Step 6: Spot Welding
Step 7: Front & Rear Triangle Welding
Step 8: T4 Heat Treatment
Step 9: Alignment
Step 10: T6 Heat Treatment
Step 11: Reaming
Step 12: Polishing
Step 13: Base Coating (Liquid)
Step 14: Base Coating (Powder)
Step 15: Decaling
Step 16: Clear Coating
Step 17: Assembly
Step 18: FQC
Step 19: Packaging