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Lab Testing

In-House EN 15194 & ISO 4210 Tests

Equipped with a complete set of frame testing facilities, we prioritize rider safety the most by validating every single frame design before we step into mass production, during which it would be too late to realize and to fix the issues.


Under rigorous processes and international standards of EN 15194 and ISO 4210, we strive for delivering only durable and reliable frames. A solid set of tests (e.g. fatigue tests with horizontal, vertical and pedaling forces) enables us to achieve an optimum solution fulfilling the engineering requirement, necessary manufacturability, as well as your aesthetic, stylistic expectations.


A testing report like what’s shown below could be provided.



Technical Execellence
Our team takes a holistic approach to molding optimization using DEFORM® mold flow simulation software. The mechanical engineers (yes – all of our simulation analysts have degrees in mechanical engineering) proceed every step carefully and help optimize the new parts (e.g. ebike motor bracket) before the mold creation, or troubleshoot existing parts that are causing you headaches.

The unstoppable electrification is giving bikes more power and capacity, so we believe the sophisticated development tools and methodologies are the way to ensure safe and pleasure rides!
3D Modeling
3D modeling is crucial for visualizing the look and feel, consolidating inputs across the team and resolving the issues upfront. We're able to facilitate such design process not only as a manufacturer, but also as passionate cyclists.

Highly experienced in bike frame development and production, we’ll work closely with your team to realize your dream bike.