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We know how much effort it takes to brainstorm, design, engineer and test a concept before you can have decent bikes ready for the passionate cyclists, not to mention the difficulty remotely operating the global supply chain management. Let Aprove’s accompany your through the design and manufacturing process, and enjoy a successful product launch.
In this way your confidential information is fully protected.


Design Iteration
After clarifying your desired applications, geometries, specs and styling, we make design proposals for you, or take your 3D data further to step 3 analyzing the manufacturability and cost.


Feasibility & Cost Analysis
Crafting a perfect and feasible product from scratch is no simple task. Here we assess the design from engineering and manufacturing perspectives, and make sure the frame can be produced properly with cost-effectiveness.


Prototype Build-Up
It’s critical to visualize your bike with prototype frames, so that we make sure all the design and engineering expectations are achieved.


Test Ride & Design Validation
While you test ride the bike, we would be conducting rigorous ISO 4210 and/or EN 15194 tests to ensure the frame strength, durability and reliability.
Trouble Shooting & Fine-Tuning
There’re always some minor modifications for perfecting the product. After sample assessment, we’d fine-tune the design together and wrap things up for mass production.


Production & Delivery
Finally, our sophisticated production and quality assurance teams will carefully get your bikes into reality.
Project Management
Everyone who’s experienced in cycling industry knows how dynamic a development project could be, especially after the Covid-19 outbreak.

In addition to R&D, production and QA proficiency, project management plays a critical role to achieving targeted time-to-market with limited time and resource. From conception, sketch, feasibility analysis, prototyping, EN & ISO test, test ride, mold creation…all the way to trial run and mass production, various difficulties could come along like impossible lead time, sudden design change, or unexpected misalignment. How to wisely plan, track and monitor a project becomes more and more critical in modern cycling supply chain.

With sales PMs certified with PMP (Project Management Professional), we have solid project management methodology to establish and execute every milestone, task and deliverable. With a dashboard tailored-made for each project, we take dependencies, resources and budget all into account to guide the project effectively and efficiently toward your success (ours too!).